Moj Sanaat Karaneh

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About Us

Moj Sanat Karane is one of the Islamic Republic of Iran's manufacturers of electronic test and measurement equipment, radiomonitoring, telecommunication systems. As a key partner of commercial industry, we offer a broad spectrum of market-leading solutions for the newest wireless technologies as well as for RF and microwave applications.

The aerospace industry and technical universities place extremely high demands on its communications systems. It requires measuring equipment to verify the performance of these systems and make it possible in the first place. Our high end test and measurement equipment often push the limits of what is technically feasible and are therefore ideal for extremely demanding measurement tasks up into the millimeter wave range.

Moj Sanat Karane Radiomonitoring System is one of the leading national suppliers for systems and equipment for the detection and analysis of radio signals for use in public safety and external security as well as radiomonitoring and frequency management at the government level.

Moj Sanat Karane is one of the leading national suppliers of professional radiocommunications equipment and encryption solutions for mission-critical environments.We are a supplier of a complete range of transmission equipment including encoders and modulators, monitoring, measurement and blind analysis equipment including demodulators and decoders both by hardware and software.